Why form a Legalized Society?


First and foremost, we started the society to attract like minded investigators who had the same ethics and goals that the former members of HAPIA had.  We couldn't find any other groups in the area that seemed to be in the same frame of mind/professionalism that we were, and first and foremost of all - to find the truth.  This is why we had to collaborate with some groups in the UK (some with 30 years experience).  Unlike other groups, we were not in it for the 'popularity'.  In fact we have been very unpopular with other self proclaimed groups due to the fact we bring up a lot of questions.  The former members of HAPIA were known as the skeptical team - but in order to do proper investigations, one has to be a bit skeptical - so that the data can be scrutinized and analyzed properly.  As with HAPIA and now with the members of TAPIS - if they state something is paranormal, or seems to be - you know that the percentage of it truly being paranormal is extremely high.  The thing is to remember, as a Client of TAPIS - we DO believe that you beleive something is occurring.  It is our job to rule out all other explanations and get to the facts.  Then when all natural explanations are exhausted, to get to the root of the paranormal happenings.


We were spurred on to form this society, after the numerous complaints we received about 'non-profit' groups coming into peoples homes and asking for a 'donation' to do a cleansing after the house was proclaimed haunted (these same groups do not show up on the Governments search of non-profit companies).  Also of groups not knowing how to scrutinize their data properly.  We have seen things like reflections of neon signs, wrong settings on digital cameras, and dust orbs stated as paranormal fact by other groups.  The worst was an email we received from a worried mother, whom one group after coming out said her 4 year old daughter was 'possessed'.  After communications with her - and taking her daughter to a doctor, found out she was suffering from seizures.  Making money on the fear of people is one thing , but putting a child's life at risk - that is uncalled for.  Yes, they could have been sued, but in this case, the mother felt so horrible that she trusted the group, and not taken her daughter to a doctor sooner - basically she was embarrassed.

That also brought into question, what is the background of the people you are letting into your home?  That is why we installed the security background checks.  Again as mentioned before, if you have the money, you can buy equipment with all the whistles and bells, and get web-space - but how are homeowners and business owners supposed to know exactly whom they are letting onto their property?

  What we are trying to do is not only protect homeowners and other clients, but the reputation of serious investigators as well.  We created a legalized environment so that serious Paranormal Investigators can grow an honest reputation in the field, and to help protect clients.