(updated December 31st, 2008)

Recent findings

When I met with Bridgit Ryan and Jason for our interview in October/08 at the Edmonton Cemetery, I was so sad to see what had happened to one of the most beautiful monuments that was in there.

This is what the monument looked like before

This is what it looks like now

The only way that head could have come off, is if someone took it off.  And it was probably taken away by the sick idiot as a 'trophy'.   As you can tell by the previous picture, this poor statue had suffered from the hands of vandals before (at the legs), and the head was previously knocked off, but was cemented back on. These photos were taken only two years apart.  As you can see this poor child died in 1912, and the family have since probably died, or don't live in Edmonton anymore.  Not only has this monument suffered from idiots, but there are lambs on babies graves not only in Edmonton Cemetery, but in Mount Pleasant as well that have had their heads hacked off (you can see the saw marks).

What kind of sick person does this?  Someone who wants attention?  Someone who needs to get a life?  Moronic kids whose parents should keep a better eye on them?  Some kind of initiation into a pathetic club or gang?

This is why when you see people (especially youth) in the cemetery at night, it is important to contact the police.  You will usually see us in the cemeteries doing research, and if at night - with our equipment, it is clear what we are doing.  You can contact the Edmonton City Police at


And complain to the city when you see damage.  The city's number for all cemeteries for complaints and investigations is 780-496-6983.

Not only did we see that, the beautiful crypt in that cemetery is in danger as well

While I was there, I noticed a sign hanging within the crypt.  The city asks whomever is related to those resting in this crypt to contact them immediately.  They don't state why, but we fear its because they have plans of moving it - or tearing it down.  So if you know anyone in the YOUNG family, please get them to contact 780-496-4567.  Because of the population boom, the city is looking for 'extra space' in their cemeteries.  There have even been rumors of people being buried on top of unmarked graves.

One problem that most cities if not all seem to have,

is the complete disregard for the sanctity of final resting

places.  Here in Edmonton running rampant are immature

morons that seem to get a kick out of breaking and tipping over

grave stones and stealing items left for the dead.  Even our municipal 'caretakers' have destroyed graves and not bothered repairing them.  This is really evident in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries  where My grandma Jesse is laid to rest.  In fact we think they may have just moved her headstone and we are continuing to investigate.


In the following months - we will be visiting the cemeteries in Edmonton, and taking photos and information on which graves have been terrorized and placing them on a special page.  This is to encourage people to write the city - and for those out of town and out of country to see if their loved ones have been disturbed - and we will direct them to whom they should contact to get the situation rectified. 


If you ever see someone suspicious in a graveyard - especially if they seem to be tipping over stones or destroying graves, please contact your local authorities.   We pay taxes all our lives and the authorities should get involved in protecting us and our loved ones - even if we are not among the living anymore.  After all the trials and tribulations that we are put through in our lives, our resting place should truly be a place of rest.