writings and musings on paranormal subjects.

Orbs - part III

Our head investigator's question to a well known USA team.
Our Head of Investigations view on what separates real investigation teams, from those that are misleading.
An essay on why investigations with research and follow ups are so important, and a personal view on the TV show MOST HAUNTED

(Updated Saturday Jan/13/06)


How some photos are faked, intentionally or unintentionally.

With examples.

Another investigator ponders if all who have after life experiences all see Jesus - and also if our pets greet us as well.
An investigator ponders the question what are orbs, and why we are seeing so much of them.  Article was featured on Coast to Coast AM, as well as Weekly Universe Magazine (Both November - 2005)
The explanation about the different types of paranormal activities situated around Hauntings, Ghosts and Spirits.
The problem with false paranormal representations, sites that present fake and unresearched information as fact.


Review of the Movie White Noise about EVP's

Starring Michael Keaton

Since the first article, our views have become more

focused, and we now have two theories. 1/5/07