Investigation Requests

Before requesting an investigation, please understand that we are busy, but we will answer all emails that are sent to us in a timely manner as possible.  When requesting an investigation, we need as much information as you can provide.  This includes any previous data collected (recordings, photos, video, etc), and explanations of specific incidences. Witness testimonies will help as well.  Also please remember, that if you are located outside of the Edmonton area, that we have to plan a trip out for the investigation, and might not be able to come out right away.  This is why we are concentrating more on the Edmonton area investigations, but we don't rule out a trip further away.  If we cannot make it - then we will contact the one and only team that we trust will do a proper job, to see if they are able to assist you.  ALSO - if the team does come out - it is so important to keep contact with us.  Doing research, going through the data takes a lot of time on our teams part.  And if we do find something we cannot explain, we might request if we can come back at your convenience to take follow up readings.

Also, we have had a lot of emails regarding possible possessions.  Some have felt insulted when we ask if they have been to a doctor.  This is not an insult, or to say we don't believe you, but unlike other teams, we must rule out all other possibilities.  Its been a proven fact that 99% of 'possessions' can be attributed to seizures, or a possible mental illness.  It is ALWAYS important that you seek a doctor's opinion before contacting any paranormal team.

We collect data, but we also respect the anonymity of our clients.  We have a release form that is signed by both parties when an investigation is done.

We are a scientific minded team, not Ghost Busters.  We search for the truth behind the paranormal to not only help you as a client, but to help the paranormal community as well get to the answers of what we are all seeking.  We carry our incorporation/legal papers with us (as all teams should - if they are legal) on our investigations.  Remember it is advised if a group cannot prove they are non-profit or a legalized entity - then to do some background research on them, and contact the city licensing or Provincial registrations office.  If someone states they are from TAPIS - contact us for confirmation before having them come out.